10 Years of Wedard

Wedard — 10 Years of Wedard

Available Now from Ewiges Eis Records
First edition limited to 50 copies in Digi-CD with 8-side booklet and lyrics. (All Gone) Second edition normal limited to ~1000-2000 copies. Total Playing Time: 01:18:34

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Wedard & Thou Shell of Death

Wedard, Thou Shell of Death — Wedard & Thou Shell of Death
Release date : Nov. 16, 2011
Label : Ewiges Eis Records

Wedard / Thou Shell of Death Split album. All the material by both bands is exclusive to this release. The CD comes housed in a solid hand-made wooden box, limited to 160 copies. Video was made for "What We Left Behind".
Total Playing Time: 42:26

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Eiskrieg II

Wedard — Eiskrieg II EP
Release date : Feb. 01, 2011
Label : Ewiges Eis Records

The first version comes in a strictly limited Digi MCD. There is also an LP version by Occtult Devotion Records with an A1 Poster. Guest Vocals on the songs "Eiskrieg II" & "Diminished" by Midnight Odyssey. Song VI is a bonus track from earlier recordings.
Total playing time: 43:20

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Beyond the Light

Wedard — Beyond the Light
Release date : Nov. 23, 2009
Label : Wotanstahl Klangschmiede

Split Album Released by Wotanstahl Klangschmiede and Sounds of Cold Silencernrn In Digi CD, jewel case and LP Format.

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Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt

Wedard — Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt
Release date : Sept. 15, 2008
Label : Ewiges Eis Records

The first 1000 copies will come in a digipack with 16 page booklet. Instrumental version of the album follows too and will be limited to 1000 copies. Re-released by Ewiges Eis Records (06.04.2010) on vinyl with DIN-A2 poster, sleeve case. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. Total playing time 57:09

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Ancestral & Wedard

Ancestral, Wedard — Ancestral & Wedard
Release date : Jul. 06, 2008
Label : N. M. B. Rec./Nokt. Trans. Rec

Ancestral / Wedard Split Released by None More Black Records and Nokturnal Transmission Records - Limited to 1000 Copies - Booklet: 16 pages - Format: CD Total playing time 42:16

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Wedard — Eiskrieg
Release date : Jun. 10, 2006
Label : Sabbathid Records

MCD EP limited to 1000 Copies. Tape version by Infernal Kommando Records and limited to 250 copies. Total playing time 25:33.

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Wedard & Symbiosis

Wedard, Symbiosis — Wedard & Symbiosis
Release date : Nov. 18, 2006
Label : Occultum Productions

Black printed CD-R in a DVD box, limited to 300 copies. Tracks 1-3 by Wedard Tracks 4-8 by Symbiosis (Italy) (Dark Ambient). Total playing time 54:15

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Einsamer Winterweg

Wedard — Einsamer Winterweg
Release date : Oct. 01, 2006
Label : Hate Records

The First edition was limited to 75 Copies and included the hidden bonus track. The CD version came in an A5 DVD box by Occultum Productions in January 2007 and was limited to 500 copies. The Third Re-Release by Regimental Records with pictured booklet was limited to 1000 copies. Released on 11 July 2007. Total playing time 58:18

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Wedard & BlackStream

Wedard — Split Album Wedard & BlackStream
Release date : Oct. 01, 2006
Label : Visions of Nightscapes

Released as a normal unlimited jewel case and in DVD-case limited to 30 hand numbered copies. http://nightscapes.cjb.net. Artwork by Valerio. Total playing time 45:15

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Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit – Special Edition

Wedard — Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit - Special Edition
Release date : Aug. 20, 2006
Label : Deathbringer Records

This is a special edition for the “Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit” Demo. In this DVD Box is an A3 poster, informational meterial, and a bonus track (*) called “Hymne der Einsamkeit” limited to 100 copies. Re-released in 2008 by Self Mutilation Services ltd. to 1000 copies. It comes with a 16 side booklet with an unreleased bonus track called “Gesang der Freiheit” (7:10) (this bonus track replaces the previous bonus track “Hymne der Einsamkeit” (6:05)) Total playing time 41:13

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Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit

Wedard — Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit
Release date : Jun. 30, 2006
Label : Wintermond Vertrieb

Re-released by Mistress Dance Records in CD and MC format. Limited to 200 copies. Total playing time 35:07.

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Valkyren Frost

Wedard — Valkyren Frost
Release date : Feb. 13, 2006
Label : Irminsul Records

Limited to 33 hand numbered copies. Total playing time 28:48

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Am Anfang war es Licht…

Wedard — Am Anfang war es Licht...
Release date : Nov. 25, 2003
Label : Self Released

The first Wedard Demo was self released and was only distributed to friends. Some tracks from this first release can be found online. Limited to 55 Copies as CD-R. Total playing time 19:42.

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…von Liebe und Wäldern

Wedard — …von Liebe und Wäldern
Release date : Apr. 16, 2005
Label : Self Released

The first official Wedard Demo… It is unknown how many copies are pressed from this self released demo.

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