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  • Farzad sorrow on

    I discovered Wedard from 2007, I can’t live without your music, I search lyrics for winterdepression ll for many years and I cant find it please help me for understand that first declaim of that song thx

    • Farzad sorrow on

      Some one please send winterdepression ll lyrics :(((( im tired of searching over this years :(((((
      Mail >> sor0w@yahoo.com
      Please please

  • Reese Burns on

    Hello! Earlier this year you signed a copy of Wo Die Ewigkeit Die Zeit Berührt for me. You have my sincerest gratitude! I can’t wait to hear whatever you do next. Cheers from Canada!

  • Germán Gómez on

    Hey there!
    I’d like to congratulate you on your wonderful music, the song Einsamer Winterweg is really something else, I listen to it while I sit in the northern chilean dessert, near the region of Tarapacá (I’m from Chile.)
    Is there any chance I, we, can get the lyrics on Einsamer Winterweg? Cheerings from southamerica my friend.

  • Iurii Ivanitskyi on

    Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine.
    Your music is amazing!
    Thank You!

  • Danielle Camargo de Oliveira on

    Sternenfrost your songs are breathtaking, they can express the sorrow, agony and despair of life.
    Einsamer Winterweg and leidenschaft are my favorite.
    They inspire me. Thank you.

    Danielle Camargo from Brazil.

  • Ruben K. on

    Hi Sternenfrost, just here to say I love your work and can’t wait for the new album to come out. Good luck \,,/

  • Alex Sosa on

    Hello, Sternenfrost I’m a big fan of your music, a few days ago I went to the woods. I can say that hearing your music in the woods at night, surrounded by the trees was absolutely amazing, a once in a lifetime experiencie!
    Keep up with your amazing music!
    Greetings from Mexico

  • Xard on

    the there are no lyrics printed in the booklet.

    • Xard on

      Btw hails from Phoenix Arizona,USA


    I love your music bro your stuff has made me rethink what black metal can be i am using you as a influence in my next album.
    I would like to talk musically with you at some point in the future and pick your brain.
    Get back at me fellow brother in metal.

    • Sternenfrost on

      Let me know, when you finish your stuff


  • Tristan Papcun on

    I very much enjoy your music, Sternenfrost! You are a true artist! 🙂

  • Srg on

    Hi Sternenfrost! Be kind, write lyrics your songs please, i am your biggest fan!

  • Nidhöggr on

    Hey Wedard. Seid ihr ein ein-Mann-Projekt oder kann man euch auch life sehen?
    Würd mich auf jedenfall drauf freuen.

    Grüße aus Rostock

  • Dead Count on

    Hello again, Sternefrost. Can you send me tabs for “Die Roten Nebelberge Von Ophrazon” and ” Leidenschaft”? My email – amir0.ru@mail.ru
    Thank you very much. You music are amazing!

  • cahaya bulan on

    lagunya luar biasa, menggetarkan sukma
    incredible song, electrifying soul
    unglaublichen Gesang, elektrisierende Seele

  • Amiro on

    Hello, Sternenfrost! You music something like magic. Thank you for all. Greetings from Russia 😉

  • Sickfcku on

    I really like your music it is very deep and atmospheric, it feels like the woods or the winter are singing in every song, the voice it is amazing kinda spectral keep your work CHEERS FROM VENEZUELA!

  • Edwin on

    Hi Sternenfrost

    I have a question.

    I recently bought a Einsamer Winterweg, but I do not see the song leidenschaft. Why is not this song already?

    This is the tracklist:

    1. Einsamer Winterweg
    2. Winterdepression
    3. Der letzte Tag (alternative version)
    4. Winde der Verzweiflung
    5. Auferstanden aus Ruinen
    6. Wandern am Fluss der Zeit (Bonus Track)

    Respect from Colombia


    • Sternenfrost on

      Hey Edwin,

      The Song “Leidenschaft” was replaced by “Der letzte Tag” in the release version II and III.


  • Abaddon Drakkonis on

    Superb music keep it up!!! 666

  • Emmanuel S on

    Hello Sternfrost. I was wondering if you could send me the tabs for Einsamer Winterweg [the song]. In my opinion it is one of your best, and I would very much like to learn to play it. Also, could you send me the drum tabs too? I’m attempting to learn DSBM drum structure for my project. Thanks!

  • Toki on

    Hey Sternenfrost. Your song winter depression || is a masterpiece. It inspires me to write everytime I listen to it. Come to L.A.

  • Andrey Dvortsov on

    Hi, Sternenfrost.

    You made a fucking atmospheric album named Eiskrieg II. When I listen him in my heart a feeling of emptiness and melancholy. Anything like this before, I have not heard. It’s true.
    So, can I get tabs Winterdepression II and Diminished (feat. Midnight Odyssey)?

    Thanks in advance! Andrew from SIberia, Omsk.

  • Caleb Liles on

    Your music is very moving and very emotional, something that black metal can rarely accomplish. I look forward to listening to even more of your albums in the next few days. Perhaps I’ll even want to buy a shirt from you, how would I go about doing that and what shirts do you have? (if any)

  • Client on

    Hey Wedard, be so kind to write me to clientchuk@gmail.com
    Why don’t you respond to my letters?

  • Rasluka Connors on

    where can I find the lyrics of your songs?

  • Kevin on

    Greetings from “Peru (South America) Sternenfrost i like your style your music inspired me!

  • Silvia on

    Your music is amazing, man!!
    Hails from Brazil…

  • Niran on

    i need a tshirt Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit tshirt adn the dvd

  • smashthestate on

    hi where can i get any wedard t-shirt ? iam from czech republic

  • Client on

    Sternenfrost, could you write me to clientchuk@gmail.com
    because my letters seem to not get to you for some reason… Did you check your email?

  • Sven on

    I discovered Wedard some 30 seconds ago and… that EMOTION it offers!
    Unbelievable… I fell in love momentally.
    I’ve been actively listening to DSBM bands for over a year now, no other band has affected my emotional state like this ever before!
    (30 seconds have turned into 3 minutes now)
    I started the song (Einsamer Winterweg) almost at the same time when I started writing here. I can’t describe my feelings after finding Your production, Sternenfrost. I will definitely listen to all of Your songs! Well, it’s impossible to get Your music from our local music shops, I belive. So, the only possibility is to DOWNLOAD the music. I’m sorry, but I don’t care to say it out… I FUCKING LOVE IT (the song is about to end!). Anyway, I assume that Wedard’s music is not available to download, too…
    What is more, (repeat) is it possible to get tab of any of Your songs? If it doesn’t bother You, I ask in honour of Your music: Could You, Sternenfrost, please send me any tab, it doesn’t matter which song, to my e-mail.

    from the middle of nowhere, Estonia…

  • Marcos on

    Hi!!, May be you don´t remember, I am brother of Leonardo, he asked for some cds of Wedard some months ago and never arrived, my question is if you have number of guides o any thing for traking that pack, it´s very bad let this business without giving up… it´s not serious man…

    • Marcos on

      sorry, i forget it!! we are from Mexico, so may be you remember…

    • Sternenfrost on

      Hey Marcos,

      Sad & Strange – All packages are since a long time sended away!
      May we can do something

      contact me please


    • Client on

      Hey, Sternenfrost.
      I have the same question about CDs. I wrote you several times to your email but got no answer. I ordered 6 CDs very long ago but you still haven’t sent them (to Ukraine). What’s wrong?

    • Sternenfrost on

      please send both a email to mcsado@gmx.de – maybe its in my spam folder! but anyways… strange, than i send over 65x packages out the last time…nothing left!

      so please contact me there
      i can send another time, if you really dont get anything


  • Jacopo on

    Wedard is one of the greatest depressive black metal band in Europe. Sad emotions, real feelings are well expressed in your fantastic music.
    Greetings from Italy

    Ps: is it possible to have a tab (guitar pro or similar) for “What we left behind”? It’s one of my favourite song and I would play it perfeclty, and not only by ear 😉

    • Sternenfrost on

      contact me at my email addy, than i can send u tabs

  • Marcos Garcia de Lima on

    Hi from Brazil.
    I met Wedard recently and I’m delighted: (in) harmonious sonority, beautiful melodies… et cetera Congratulations Wedard.


  • HellFencer on

    Excellent music my friend. I am planning to purchase an album; do you have shirts too? Thank you for displaying your talents to us. I like the atmosphere put into the production and really enjoy the melancholy melody behind much of what you make. It is successful in transposing me into a new dimension while I listen. Well done.

    Hails from the U.S.

  • Fadi on

    Wirklich wunderbare und interessante Musik… !!

    Grub aus dem baghdad-Iraq ”
    thanks for the music

  • 1. JFC AEB Hildesheim on

    greetings from Germany sends the first JFC AEB Hildesheim. We are a youth club with over 20 youth teams. ‘ve Accidentally landed on your Site and must say that she likes me very well. I will definitely come again. If you like, you visit us. all the best for the future, 1st JFC AEB Hildesheim

  • Morke Band on

    Your music is the best DSBM i’ve ever seen. Keep going. Hailzz from Turkey \m/
    But i really want Winterdepression II’s tabs (guitar pro i mean). Could you guys make one for us?

  • celestialforce on

    Just discovered Wedard! Eiskrieg || is absolutely Brilliant, love the album. Diminished is such a sick track.

    Wann kommst du nach London zu erfüllen, und Wo finden wir Tourdaten?

  • Fridtjof on

    Klasse Musik die du da machst. Werde mir was kaufen.
    Die Texte würde ich gerne mal lesen.


  • -Neongeiist- on

    Hallo Sternenfrost,

    …bin schon sehr gespannt auf dein neues Release mit Namen “Eiskrieg II” und verfolge deine Musik erst seit knapp 1 1/2 Jahren.
    Den Tipp mich mal mit deiner Musik auseinanderzusetzen habe ich einmal von einer Freundin bekommen und ja……nachdem ich dann ein paar Songs von dir bei MySpace gehört hatte hab ich mich dann bei YouTube so durchgewühlt und dann war`s auch soweit………
    Ich finde das du wirklich echt guten Black Metal machst bzw. kreierst, egal was die anderen Fanzines und Reviewtypen von sich geben…….
    Und nun hab ich mir inzwischen auch ne kleine Wedard-Sammlung aufgebaut (Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit (1000), Eiskrieg I (1000), Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt (Digipac), die Split mit Nychts, die Split mit Nocturnal Depression, Eiskrieg II (Digipac666), Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt (LP) und Desolate Anthems T-Shirt schwarz) und höre deine Musik auch sehr oft…….

    Also mach weiter so, lass dich nicht beirren, gehe deinen Weg und Grüße aus den Wäldern Brandenburgs…..

  • Sazetak on

    Hello, here is a guy from Brazil. I greatly appreciate your work but I would like to know some lyrics to his songs, especially the music “Helion” of split with Nocturnal Depression. I would be very grateful if you can let the disposal the lyrics of your song, because in the Encyclopedia Metallum there are very few lyrics of your songs.

  • Michael on

    hab mir letztens Beyond The Light Zugelegt Und Muss Sagen Das Universe In Mirror Das Beste Lied Ist Was Ich in der DSBM (Wenn Ich Das Sagen Darf) Sparte Bis Jetzt Gehört Habe. Große Klasse Danke

  • cradimmggard on

    Your music is the perfect soundtrack to a painting from nature, melancholy, misanthropy … All these elements help me to evolve as a person.

    I from Guatemala Central America, Mayan Hell country.

    Misanthropy, Darkness and Silent…

  • lifebetween on

    Hey sternenfrost
    just want to say that im completely anxious for the new release, i hope you manage to get it out soon.
    love your atmospheres and stuff man

  • naba on

    hi sternenfrost
    beautiful music , full of emotions….u r the best……greetings from INDIA

  • Giuseppe on

    The best

  • martin on

    Thank you for making the best music.
    It fills my heart with dread and sorrow.
    And it feels good

  • john_richard on

    where can I get the letters of their music ?

  • Tiwaz on

    Hallo Sternenfrost!
    Wirklich wundervolle Musik, seit langem mal wieder etwas, was mich wirklich begeistert.
    Scheiß drauf, was andere Sagen und zieh dein Ding weiter so durch!

  • juan camilo osorio on

    Hey… wedard… thanks.. for make.. the most beautiful music in the world..

    You are the best…..

    Eternal hails from colombia….

    Can i Purchase you album Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt here in colombia??

    can u helpme…

  • john_richard on

    hola sternenfrost here is John Richard of Brazil congratulate on his work here it is little known only one group selectman people listen to her music is very powerful congratulations

  • Petri on

    Hello! wedard, so awesome and beatiful music… i really respect you and your style to make music!
    where i can find t-shirts,patches or that kinda stuff? im interested…
    but, keep doing dbm so long you can!


    • Sternenfrost on

      contact me in myspace or via email 😉


  • AZAZEL on

    HELLo from Mexico City

    where I can obtain your music?

    • Sternenfrost on

      Directly from me, write a mail or in myspace!

  • Robbie DK. on

    Greetings from belgium Sternenfrost. Your music gives me nice feelings, very atmospheric and powerfull. Keep up the good work!

  • Nathan Davies on

    Hello from Australia, your music is powerful.

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