Eiskrieg II
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Wedard — Eiskrieg II EP
Release date : Feb. 01, 2011
Label : Ewiges Eis Records
  1. Solitude (Intro) 05:03
  2. Eiskrieg II 08:43
  3. Winterdepression II 07:37
  4. Towards the lonely path of Winter 07:29
  5. Diminished (feat. Midnight Odyssey) 07:43
  6. Hidden Bonus Track 06:42

The first version comes in a strictly limited Digi MCD. There is also an LP version by Occtult Devotion Records with an A1 Poster. Guest Vocals on the songs “Eiskrieg II” & “Diminished” by Midnight Odyssey. Song VI is a bonus track from earlier recordings.

Cover Art by Kogaion

All Songs written and produced by Sternenfrost

Total playing time: 43:20

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