Wedard & Thou Shell of Death
Wedard, Thou Shell of Death — Wedard & Thou Shell of Death
Release date : Nov. 16, 2011
Label : Ewiges Eis Records
  1. What We Left Behind 08:07
  2. My Lonely Friend - The Endless Sky 06:44 instrumental
  3. Helion (Remastered) 07:38 instrumental
  4. A Ghost and a Dream (Thou Shell of Death) 10:18
  5. A Burden of Desire (Thou Shell of Death) 09:39

Wedard / Thou Shell of Death Split album.
All the material by both bands is exclusive to this release. The CD comes housed in a solid hand-made wooden box, limited to 160 copies. Video was made for “What We Left Behind”.
Total Playing Time: 42:26

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