Wedard begins recording for a new Full Length!

Hey guys,

Since June I have begun to record a new album. I can´t tell you the title or release-date today. The only one I can say, the earlierst date will be 2012.

More News about the new vocalist from the north of Germany, about the title, release date and so on soon.

Midnighty Odyssey is on board to as vocalist again.

All the best


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  • BHVampire on

    Frrrrom MEXICO!!!

    Your music is perfect, I feel in peace with me and the universe, in the forest, outside my house, behind an Oak tree with heavy rain, and your music, I feel in heaven… I;m in heaven, perfect and unforgetable moments… Thanks to you, my dear Wedard… u_u \m/

  • Canek on

    wedard is my greatest influence to compose songs, thanks Sternenfrost.

  • Jonathan on

    Your music is so terrific, I must know an update on this album!! Any news??

  • Delmix on

    It’s fantastic information! Looking forward to this album, you’re music is some kind of magic 🙂

  • Fadi on

    one of the more interesting and unique “black metal” bands I’ve heard in a long time.
    greeting From iraq

  • Nathan on

    Most definitely looking forward to this!

    You make some of the most truthful depressive black metal, perfect for absorbing the negative energy of the listener.

  • RussianFan on

    AWESOME! Eiskrieg II makes me feel so free and I see perfect pictures of nature that made my mind with internet and your music. Well, I just want to tell you that you have many true fans in Russia. May be you read this, may be not.
    p.s. my english is bad, sorry.

    • Sternenfrost on

      Yes of course I read this 😉 Thanks and best wishes to all maniacs in Russia


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